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When My Air Conditioner Cycles On, My House Lights Blink. Is This Normal?

Yes. It is not uncommon for a large motor/compressor with a high start-up current to cause a minor voltage drop when it starts. This causes the momentary blinking of the lights and has no negative effect on the electrical equipment in your house.

My Smoke Detectors Are Chirping. What Should I Do?

Beeping or chirping smoke detectors can be caused by a dead or failing battery, a missing battery or a missing electrical feed. As a first step, please check and replace the battery in your smoke detector. If your smoke detector does not have a side mounted battery compartment you will need to remove the smoke from the ceiling. This can be done by twisting the smoke detector to unlock it from its mounting bracket and firmly pulling the device from the bracket. Please note, that J. Becher & Associates is NOT responsible for changing batteries.

My Smoke Detectors Keep Going Off For No Reason. What Should I Do?

Bugs or excess dust can cause smoke detectors to begin sounding. After confirming that there is no fire hazard, please check the smoke for any debris and vacuum out the device to clear out any possible dust. We recommend cleaning your smoke detectors monthly to avoid excess dust build-up that may cause false alerts.

Can I Dim Fluorescent or Compact Fluorescent Lights?

Yes. However, fluorescent and compact fluorescent lights may require not only a special dimmer, but also special fixtures. You cannot use a typical incandescent dimmer with fluorescent fixtures and most compact fluorescent lamps. Please refer to your fixture and lamp specifications to verify which dimmers will work.

How Can I Protect My Home From A Power Surge or Lightning Strike?

We offer a number of surge arrestor products for both your main panel and individual circuits, many of which can be retrofitted very easily. However, these products only offer additional levels of protection as nothing can guarantee against the power of Mother Nature. Additionally, depending on where the surge begins in your house, a main panel arrestor may not protect certain circuits as the surge will only be stopped when it hits the arrestor. We recommend protecting valuable equipment such as computers and audio/video devices with additional localized surge protection devices.

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