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My Holiday Lights Continue to Trip The Breaker. What Should I do?

Most exterior receptacles are on a shared circuit and can only handle a certain load. The quantity of holiday lights and overall load on this particular circuit is most likely causing the breaker to trip. Try reducing the number of lights to avoid an excess load. An additional dedicated circuit to one or more of your existing exterior receptacles or adding an additional receptacle on a dedicated circuit is a viable solution to accommodate a greater amount of lighting/loads.

My Motion Sensors or Flood Lights Are Not Working. What Should I Do?

If your flood lights do not work, please check the bulbs. We are not responsible for the warranty of any lamps and there will be a service charge for the changing any lamps if no other problem exists. Motion sensors operate the lights when motion is detected and turn off a short time after motion detection has stopped. This time can be adjusted from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. Please note that animals (including birds) and falling leaves can activate your motion sensors.

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My Power Continues to Go out During Bad Weather. What Can I Do?

Unfortunately, some areas tend to have more and longer outages during inclement weather conditions. This is due to the utility lines in your particular area being subject to damage during these conditions. To avoid dealing with these outages, we offer a variety of backup power packages with the most common being outdoor generators. We can install a complete generator package based on your electricity needs during outages. Please contact our service department for more information.


The following are suggestions from the National Electrical Safety Foundation:

Outlets: Periodically check outlets that have loose-fitting plugs which can lead to overheating and a potential fire hazard. Replace any missing or broken wall plates and make sure that there are approved safety covers on all unused outlets that are accessible to small children.

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